Lady Gaga – Joanne World Tour (Live) (iTunes Rip) [Album]

1.Call Me Joanne (Intro) [Live]
2.Diamond Heart (Live)
3.A-Yo (Live)
4.Poker Face (Live)
5.Perfect Illusion (Live)
6.Car (Interlude) [Live]
7.John Wayne (Live)
8.Scheiße (Live)
9.Alejandro (Live)
10.Rhino (Interlude) [Live]
11.Just Dance (Live)
12.LoveGame (Live)
13.Telephone (Live)
14.Applause (Live)
15.Come to Mama (Live)
16.The Edge of Glory (Live)
17.Born This Way (Live)
18.Paint (Interlude) [Live]
19.Bloody Mary (Live)
20.Dancin’ In Circles (Live)
21.Paparazzi (Live)
22.Angel Down (Live)
23.Joanne (Live)
24.Bad Romance (Live)
25.The Cure (Live)
26.Million Reasons (Live)

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